We put users rights first

We ensure that your self-determination and preferences will be respected. For this we expect brands to comply with the self‑regulatory principles for online behavioral advertising in accordance with IAB.

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We welcome only ethical brands

Only brands that don’t tolerate child labor, discrimination, etc. may use our services. For this we expect brands to comply with the Ten principles of the UN Global Compact.

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We promote fairness for everyone

We make sure you won’t be disturbed by delivering only fair ads that comply with the principles of The Acceptable Ads Manifesto We empower you to treat free websites with fairness and we help brands to reward your engagement in a fair way. Our aim is to promote a win-win-win relationship between you and all players in the game of digital advertising who respect your self–determination

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We protect your right to privacy

We will never hand over your personal user data to a third party. We guarantee, that you will be able to delete your account and any personal data attached to it, at any time.

We give you full transparency

We aim to provide maximum security for data transfer, storage and access. We are dedicated to help you to understand what happens with your data and to give you a simple tool for managing. As non‑profit company under German law we are legally bound to disclose all financial informations, so that you can monitor each transaction. All governance-related documents e.g. on board meetings, financial information and declarations on partnership agreements with other organizations will be available online.

We facilitate collaboration

We acknowledge that communication has become one of the most important means of production. That is why we consider open and straightforward dialog as being imperative for how we conduct our relationships with all stakeholders. We are committed to facilitating the relationship between you and businesses on your behalf. In order to maximize collaboration and co–creation we put our intellectual property (IP) under the Creative Commons and make our software available open source.

The development of our principles is in progress. We have set the initial framework above, but we reserve the right to amend this framework based on Internet users’ demands. We include and invite the active participation of all parties.

We would love to know what you think.

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