Sustainability through selfdetermination

You are the
main focus
You control
what you see
You protect
your privacy
You express
You boost sustainability
You get to
do good

People Planet Profit

Sustainable solutions are good for people, planet and profit. A sustainable Internet should benefit users, industry and the environment. And this is what we want to achieve: boosting user self-determination (people), improving digital advertising (profit), creating impact for the common good (planet).

Where the priorities of business and society align, everyone stands to gain.

Richard Branson

Making a real connection

Never before have advertisers been able to target the devices of their customers as precisely as today. But they face frustrated and audiences that have become blind to advertising. Businesses are beginning to recognize, that the only way to engage customers is to treat them as humans, respect their values and involve them in a dialog. Humancredit enables a balance of interests and an emotional resonance between humans and businesses: a new human to business relationship.

A community of shared values

The Internet does not make our world magically better. But it gives us all tools we need to be a powerful player on the market. Humancredit users who share interests are able to create strong impact on brands, the ad–industry and the common good - as a community of values.

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