Fair ads only

You want to create donation values? Okay cool! By receiving fair ads that comply with our principles, you collect a small amount of credits. Your views are anonymous and your privacy stays protected.


This is where credits really start rolling in! To increase sustainability in products and culture we offer an easy way to collaborate with brands. Every form of feedback earns credits, wether positive or negative and is clearly labeled with the credit value.

Donation Preferences

So you want to personally decide where your donations go? No problemo! With a Humancredit profile you can configure your donation preferences. E.g. Science & Research, Arts & Culture, Education, Nature Conservation and more. We recommend this mode for making a considerable impact.

Interest Profile

For maximal effect, you can define your interests in your profile. This helps us to deliver ads that are actually relevant to you. This also enables you to earch the greatest amounts of credits. For example by filling out surveys, signing up to brands/product newsletters, recommending products on social platforms or even using affiliate programs to buy fair products.

A simple tool to make lives better

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