$10, $100 a year or more

Turn ad-budgets into donations! Within a year, depending on how actively you participate, you can generate credits worth $10, $100 or more. Not that much you say? Well, online businesses spend more then $100 billion annually. As part of our community you can help to redistribute a considerable part of that.

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We make giving easy as can be

By having our browser plugin installed, you are a giver. With a user profile you can set your donation preferences within our public-benefit purposes. If you don't want to set up a user profile, your credits will be distributed automatically.

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To begin in a small way

While we are growing our user base, it is necessary to leverage our power as best we can. To have considerable impact right away, we concentrate the initial donations on just three projects.

  • Pay the school fee for a girl in Burundi - with our partner Oxfam Deutschland e.V..
  • Fund the “Gelbe Villa” - a local Project for cultural integration in Berlin.
  • Support “Digitale Gesellschaft” - dedicated to protect your digital rights.

Growing stronger

By the end of 2015, we plan to enable you to support more projects and to propose new ones. One way to do that, will be the platform of our partner betterplace.org. We know that the impact an individual can make is a small one but the prospects of even a conservative growth prognosis are very promising.

Make your impact on the world!

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