Humancredit is a non‑profit company which serves public‑benefit purposes in compliance with the Fiscal Code of Germany.

Our team consist of professionals with expertise in entrepreneurship, software development, design, digital marketing and public relations.

Georgi Musev
(Founder, CEO)
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Thomas Helbig
(Brand & UI/UX Design)
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Torsten Sewing

Philipp von Roeder
(Public Relations)

Axel Roselius
(Strategy & Innovation)

Christian David

Ulrich Fenneker
(Business Development)

Thomas Rödiger
(Software Development)

Thomas Schindler
(Software Architect)
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Thom Brenner
(Product & Techology & Innovation Aficionado, BMW Group)

Boris Janek
(Manager Digital Business & Innovation VR‑NetWorld GmbH)

Jan von Bibra-Achenbach
(Consulting, COAN GmbH)

Martin Georgi
(Consultant to NGOs, Former CEO Aktion Mensch)


  • Adrian Brill (Advisor, Brand Architecture)
  • Alistair Langer (Supporter, Marketing)
  • Andrea Bauer (Advisor, Mobile)
  • Andreas Köppke (Advisor, Fundraising)
  • Benno Fürmann (Video, German Speaker)
  • Bettina Lehmann (Supporter, Concept)
  • Boost (Sparing, Affiliate Marketing)
  • Brian Killen (Advisor, Business Case)
  • Carsten Hein (Video, Music)
  • Christoph Buck (Academic Research)
  • Constantin Schneider (Support, Software Concept)
  • Dirk Schacht (Advisor, Digital Marketing)
  • Dorothee Mohaupt (Support, Digital Marketing)
  • Dr. Ingo Schneider (Support, Legal Questions)
  • Frank Schmied (Sparing, Concept)
  • Frank Scrock (Support, Software)
  • Habib Lesevic (Support, Entrepreneurship)
  • Heather Morrison (Couch, Marketing)
  • Henryk Spiess (Support, Design)
  • Jean-Pierre Vidiere (Support, Concept)
  • Lilly Lindner (Support, Concept)
  • Lukas Hartman (Advisor, Software)
  • Mark Möbius (Support, Business Model)
  • Mark Turrell (Advisor, Scaling)
  • Noemi Fabri (Support, Concept)
  • Norbert Kunz (Advisor, Social Business)
  • Ole Tillmann (Couch, Speaker)
  • Oxfam Deutschland e.V. (NGO-Partner)
  • Paul Blank (Support, Design)
  • Paul Schwab (Advisor, Digital Marketing)
  • Phillip Kortlang (Video, Animation)
  • raumHOCH (Sparing, Concept)
  • Sebastian Braun (Advisor, Brand Architecture)
  • Shai Hoffmann (Support, Social Media)
  • Simon Blake (Support, Design Thinking)
  • Sina Tams (Couch, Marketing)
  • Social Impact lab Berlin (Scholarship, Social Entrepreneurship)
  • Spacedeck (Sparing, Software)
  • Stan Hema (Sparing, Brand)
  • Stephan Rau (Support, Digital Marketing)
  • Steve Taylor (Video, English Speaker)
  • Thomas Hann (Couch, Brand Development)
  • Thomas Junk (Support, Digital Conception)
  • Thomas Wonnemann (Support, Digital Marketing)
  • Victor Matekole (Support, Software Concept)
  • Volker Schmied (Sparing, Concept)
  • Yannick Sonnenberg (Couch, Business Model)