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A browser plugin for Chrome and Firefox.

The Fair Adblock Alternative

we allow
fair ads
we respect your
we care about
your opinion
we enable you
to do good

Take control

The web services you enjoy are great, but the ads that come with it are often intrusive and annoying. That doesn't have to be this way. We guard the access to your attention. Humancredit protects you from unwanted ads.

Keep web content alive

Most free websites cannot survive without advertising revenue. That is why Humancredit offers an alternative to conventional adblocker. By accepting fair and relevant ads you enable websites to pay their bills and to keep creating content for free.

Say what you think

With Humancredit your voice is heard and rewarded. Your opinions and ideas make a difference and help brands to improve their products and customer relationship. By liking, criticizing or even blacklisting products you become a powerful player on the market place.

Make brands sustainable

We all want the world to be a better place, but that does not happen magically. Only you have the power to motivate brands to become more sustainable. Our filter accepts only adverts from companies that for instance: do not use child labor, do not tolerate discrimination and respect your interests.

Do good

With Humancredit you convert ad dollars into donations. Every ad you see and any feedback you give, makes ad–budgets work for initiatives of your choice. Since Humancredit is a non-profit organization, the entire profit is passed on to good causes - from human to human.

Let's contribute to a better world!

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